Meghan Markle, the Temptation of the West

The former actress has grown tired of being a princess.It may well return to a role it enjoys more in Canada.

At the end of the seventh season of “Suits”, his character left New York for Seattle after getting married.In real life, Meghan will leave London for Toronto with her husband and baby.Will she resume her life as an actress to pay her bills once the couple no longer receive the $2.4 million royal allowance? In any case, there should not be a lack of offers, as the English court has inspired both the small and the big screen in recent years.

Some will say that this divorce from a country that seemed to have adopted her was written.This kingdom is indeed cruel to outsiders.Anyone who’s seen “The Crown” knows that.Apparently, Elizabeth had welcomed with good heart – this time – this divorced, sparkling, educated and capable of putting Harry back on the right track into the Windsor home.But Meghan’s distance from protocol, her Afro-American origins through her mother, a yoga teacher, added to the lack of kindness of her strange father who lives in Mexico and her half-brothers and sister, with whom she is in conflict, have ended up creating an irreducible gulf with the tabloids, the other inescapable institution of the kingdom …


This is certainly not the scenario that the Princess of Sussex had imagined when she married one of the grandsons of Elizabeth II almost two years ago, she who, during her childhood in Los Angeles, was already roaming with her father, the director of photography, on TV sets.The beautiful one could be seen at the top of the bill and adored.The prospect of always taking second place to the perfect Kate has probably also ended up tiring this women’s rights activist.When she was 11, hadn’t she written a letter to Procter & Gamble denouncing the sexist slogan of one of their advertisements? The leachate had changed her, comforting her in her desire to “make an impact”.In Canada, Meghan may find a more appropriate role for herself.